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For more than 10 years the company occupies a leading position in the market of construction services.





We will instantly respond to your every request and answer every question.





The company's engineers and designers have extensive experience.





The construction of fountain is not such a complicated process as it might seem.

Additional services

Polypropylene pools

Polypropylene pools is the perfect solution for any home or cottage. This hydraulic structure has many advantages compared to conventional concrete structures. Polypropylene pool is manufactured in factory conditions.

Pool equipment for maintenance

Any pool is a complex structure made up of many elements. It is not enough simply to build higher capacity and fill it with water. Equipment is one of the most important places in the pool, which is used to keep a perfect purity of water.

SPA pools

It should be noted that fixed SPA pools are fairly complex hydraulic structures, they are equipped with a multitude of additional equipment and allow to provide maximum comfortable conditions of use.


For more than 10 years the company occupies a leading position in the market of construction services, integrated services and repair of swimming pools.

We abide by our core values

The company operates based on the needs and wishes of its customers.

Cooperating with us you get undeniable advantages. Among our personnel work specially trained professionals. They conduct visits for diagnosis of basins, checking equipment and doing all necessary work. Turning to us, you can be assured of high professionalism and maximum quality of all the performed works. We have vast experience in the construction, renovation and sale of a wide variety of pools from the smallest (children's) to huge olympic and half-olympic pools on thousands of tons.

Custom designed swimming pools,
that make your house a resort

Pool lets you enjoy water procedures regardless of the weather or time of year.